Extra - Curricular Club

Indian Dance :

Indian dance team 'Adwaya' has always made our college functions colourful. They have won several prizes in various intercollegiate and intra collegiate fests.

Western Dance :

an excellent self choreographed team of dances constitute our western dance team.

Indian Music :

The Indian music team 'Aikya' is famous for experimenting with the different genres of music. They have not only won many individual prizes but have made us proud in even securing many group prizes in various fests held.

Western Music :

The Western Music Choir has established a reputation as one of Bangalore's most sought after and accomplished choirs. It is prominent at state and National Level Choral Music programmers such as the Glorious Festival of Harmony and at all major inter-collegiate competitions. It has also state its own concerts for charity.

Theatre Club-'Bahuroopi':

"Bahuroopi" launches stage plays on social themes & ethics in an effective, soul searching & heart stirring way. Many won trophies in National Theatre Fests. An Anti-litter campaign in Jyoti Nivas College was successfully managed to curb littering on the campus.