Arrangements made for sessions to be taken by Guest Lecturers:

Sl. No. Name of the Resource Person Topic Class Date Time
1 Dr. Suman Leadership- Social Space III BA 21-06-2018(Thursday) 1:00-3:00pm
2 Fr. Prince Dynamics in the Family Envirnment III BA 25-06-2018 10.00 am- 12 noon
3 Dr. Nitya Poornima Developmental Psychology II BA 10-07-2018 (Tuesday) 11:00-12:30pm
4 Prof. Sritha Sandon Virtual Learning I BA/BSc 18-07-2018 (Thursday) 11:00-3:00pm

Note: Organising and conducting a National Conference/Workshop on Marital Adjustments in collaboration with CCPI that is to be scheduled in August 2018.

Conducting short term courses on:
Communication Disorders and Sign Language- Commencing in the last week of June, in collaboration with Dr. SR Chandrashekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing has started on the 27th June, 2018.

Public Mental Health- Commencing in the last week of June, in collaboration with NIMHANS.

Managing Learning Disabilities - Commencing in the first week of July, by the resource faculty outsourced from Special Educators of Bangalore, Karnataka Region will commence from 10th July, 2018.

Internships- From 2-11-2018 to 22 -11-2018
Four students will be pursuing internship in Bethany- Integrated Home.

Three students will be pursuing internships in Spandana.

Outreach Program: 12th December 2018
Creating Awareness of Mental Health and Mental Disorders among lower socio-economic sections in and around Koramangala.

Institutional Visits:
III BA students will visit Cadabams- A Mental Health and Rehabilitation Centre.
Students pursuing the short-term course on Communication Disorders and Sign Language will visit Dr. SR Chandrashekhar Institute of Speech and Hearing.