Sport being an integral part of every society cannot be overlooked as it has much to offer apart from just physical fitness. It nurtures in team spirit and the maturity to accept victory and defeat. We at Jyoti Nivas College believes in all encompassing education - that aims to meet the intellectual, physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and cultural needs of our students. Along with academics, it is our constant endeavour to encourage and motivate our students to participate in various extracurricular activities including sports. A healthy body bring about a healthy mind and we at Jyoti Nivas College realises that both are necessary for the all round development of a student personality.

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Dr. Sajan George Physical Education BA., M.P.Ed., Ph.D View Profile

- Physical education is an integral part of the curriculum where our students show their excellence as achievers, winners and representatives of Throw ball, Hand ball, Foot ball, Soft ball, Cricket and Hockey. We are proud and acknowledge that we hold in India to host and organize "Women's Cricket Utsav", an event which lasts 10 days. It is a step towards promoting women's cricket in India.

- 'Sphygmus' is another gala annual inter - collegiate event that inscribes a true spirit of sportsmanship which has been conducted every year, since the last 10 years.

- Our throw ball, soft ball, football, hockey, basketball and athletics teams have won the 1st place at almost every major tournament that they have taken part.

- Our students have excelled individually and collectively in bringing laurels to the college, to the University, to the state and the country as well.

- Students and teachers also avail the Gym facilities of the college.

Activities for year 2016-17