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Five volumes (10 issues) of our journal Academic Studies: National Journal of Jyoti Research (ASNJJRA) are released. This is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to an intellectual search into the domains of Science, Arts, Commerce and Management. The aim of this journal is to bring groups of researchers from these diverse disciplines together on a common platform for synergetic interaction between them. The dissemination of the emerging wealth of knowledge in this research publication gives visibility to ongoing research and creates ambience for scholars to pursue more research projects and explore new vistas. This journal is published by Research , Publication and Development Cell (RPDC) of Jyoti Nivas College.

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JNC has an expanded research base at the undergraduate level, various research projects are undertaken by different departments. Various conferences are organized by the cell .


Mrs. Zehra ,
Principle investigator,
Dept. of Commerce and management

1. ”"Impact of foreign direct investment [FDI] on agriculture in rural area". Study coverage in north karnataka" ”.

Executive summary


Dept. of Chemistry
1. ”Kinetic and mechanistic investigations of some oxidimetric reactions of N-metallo-N- halloaryl sulfonamides”.

2. ”Mechanistic studies of oxidation of some biologically and industrially important organic substrates by N-bromamine”.


Dr. Nirmala Vaz
Dept. of Chemistry
1. “Transition metal ions catalysis on the oxidation of some important organic compounds by positive halogens: A kinetic & mechanistic approach”.

2. “Oxidation of some pharmaceutically important organic molecules by n-haloamines: kinetic and mechanistic chemistry”. 3. “Residual Aluminum”.
Dr. Preeti Mangala
Dept. of Chemistry

“Study of biological aspects of alkali and alkaline earth metal complexes and using them as ligands with transition metal ions”.

Dr. Mrinalini K Muddi

“Functioning of International Flower Auction Centre
Bangalore –An economic analysis”.

Mrs. Sabrina Jathanha
Principle investigator
Dept. of Genetics

Mrs. Sajna Abraham
Dept. of Genetics

“ Comparative effect of extracts of Annona squamosa (custard apple) and Punica granatum (Pomegranate) on microorganisms causing sore throat and skin lesions”.

Executive summary

Mrs. Leena Alexander
Principle investigator
Dept. of Zoology

“Artifical feeding of Honeybees, Apis cerana, with fruit juice and leaf extracts to produce express honey and to analyze the honey for its anti-microbial, antioxidant and antidiabetic activities on Streptococcus pneumoniae and Staphylococcus aureus

Dr. Geeja S Kurian
HOD, Dept of Biotechnology

“Isolation and characterization of Ligno-cellulolytic enzymes from bacterial and fungal fermented rice straw and husk”

Executive summary

Mrs. Mary Arpana
Dept of Biochemistry

“Extraction of phytochemicals from Ocimum grandiflorum and prove its use as food supplement”

Dr. D. Sophia,
Principal investigator,
Departmentt. of Biochemistry

“Green synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles from the leaves of Citrus limon and its in vitro α-glucosidase and α-amylase inhibitory activities ”

Executive summary

Books Edited/Published :

Dr. Sr. Elizabeth
Editor in chief of Academic Studies National Journal of Jyoti Research Academy from 2007 till date
Dr. Ella Sen
Gadya vaibhav for Bangalore University
Katha Saptami for Bangalore University
Gadya  Gunjan for Autonomous Colleges
Gadya Godhooli for Autonomous Colleges
Mrs. Sushma Raj
KathaSree  for Autonomous Colleges
Mr. Sriramaiah
Sirigannada for Autonomous Colleges
Savigannada for Autonomous Colleges
Hosagannada kavyanjali for Bangalore University
Mr. Sylvester A B
Environmental Science
English Department
Text Books

Text books and Grammar workbooks have been regularly brought out by the Department of English. The Kannada and Hindi departments also brought out their text books this academic year.

Research Publications By Faculty

To encourage students to think, to bring out their creative potential and to enhance their hands-on experience with the print and electronic media, different publications are brought out every year.

Every stream brings out its student journal namely The Researcher ’ by the arts stream, Scientia’ by the sciences and ‘Samshodhana’ by the commerce department. It is a collection of the best projects done in the college by the students.

The Department of Communicative English brought out 6 Lab Journals by the II year Communicative English students – The Crescent, The Catalyst, The Witness, Echo and Joven (youth) and Connaissance (communication). The Vth Semester Communicative English students produced three short films: ‘I Do’, ‘Beneath the Surface’ and ‘The Other Side’

The II year B.A Economics students brought out an Economics Newsletter, Artha Shasthra.

The Department of Genetics brought out vol. 2 of its Newsletter, Gene Express

The Dept of History released their Newsletter, ‘Itihasa: Jigyasa-The Exploration’.

JNC E Cell brought out Fortitude - on ideas for India

The PG students also regularly bring out lab journals and research projects to supplement classroom learning.

The College magazine -  The magazine committee overseas the collection of articles from students, the best of which go into the college magazine.