Post Graduate Centre – Activities

Common Acticities

20th July 2015 - Orientation Day for MA and M.Com(FA)

3rd August 2015 - Orientation Day for MCA and MBA

Orientation Day marks the beginning for aspiring achievers, upcoming leaders and tomorrow’s CEO’s, software engineers, scientists, accountants, litterateurs and teachers. The opportunity to create one’s own future starts on this day. On this day we welcome our fresher to the JNC family and it help the fresher get acquainted with the tradition and culture of the institute. The orientation programs are designed to guide the students in inculcating and instilling habits that can equip them for their future.

16th and 17th July 2015 - “Hit the Market “was a two day workshop conducted by Ashmi Jude Prakash for students from 2nd and 3rd years of MCA, 2nd year of MBA and MFA

12th August 2015 - GOLDEN JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS - The Post graduate Centre organized events such as 50 Vital Pressure points to Health and Wellness, “Laughter Yoga “, “Shakunthala” – An interesting Dance Drama on August 12, 2015, to mark the beginning of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations in the Campus.

5th September 2015 - Teacher’s Day Celebration - Teacher’s day is celebrated on account of DR.Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan’s birthday .He was an Indian philosopher and statesman who was the first as well as second vice president of India .He was also great teacher. His students wanted to celebrate his birthday so Dr.Radhakrishnan wanted his students to celebrate teacher’s day instead of his birthday.

10th October 2015 - JYOTI SUMMIT 2015 (QUANTUM LEAP IN IT -2020)–The Keynote address was given by Dr. Joseph Shields, on the topic “Trends driving The Future of Information Technology”, He emphasized ‘Individual contribution’, ‘User experience’, ‘Human touch’ in Technology.

31st October 2015 - RETREAT IN BENEDICTINE MONASTERY – The day 1 of retreat was “PASSION FOR THE PRESENCE OF GOD”, Our director Dr. Sr.Lalitha shared her way of living through the characteristics of SJT’s. And on second day the students had confession and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.

17th November 2015 - FOOD FESTIVAL – Was organized by the departments of MCA, MBA, M.Com(FA) and English.

8, 9, 10thFebruary 2016 - SPORTS DAY - The ‘End Run’ was held on 8th,10th& 11th of March 2016.While declaring the sports meet open,our Director Dr.Sr.Lalitha was very impressed with the positive response ofPost graduate students to the sports event.She reminded them that it’s time to participate in friendship and sportsmanship.

4th March 2016 - THANKS GIVING MASS - Thanks giving mass was celebrated in the college chapel on March 4th Friday at 10.30 am. Catholic students from all PG departments, all teaching and non teaching staff attended the Eucharistic Celebration. The holy mass was led by Fr. Joseph Raj. Mr. Amal from MA department co-ordinated the activities as guided by our Director, Dr. Sr. Lalitha. Theme of the mass was given by sister, highlighting the characteristic of Sisters of St.Joseph’s of Tarbes that is “Seeking with the heart of the poor and to be the most preferential ones for God”.

19th March 206 – ST. JOSEPH FEAST

16th April 2016 - POST GRADUATE DAY - Post graduate day is a milestone in every student’s life; It is also an occasion to come together to celebrate their membership here.Guests of the day were Dr. Wendy Dickson & Prof. Jagriti Prabhukiran.The day started with warm welcome to all students, parents and then the ceremonious light was lit by our director Dr. Sr. Lalitha, which also signifies our motto “Let Your Light Shine”.It was then followed by the prayer by our director Dr. Sr. Lalitha which really activated a rapport with an object of worship among all of us.The PG day saw the release of the two student research journals-The Notebook (Of the MA English Department) and Dhii (the MCA, MBA & MFA journal).