Staff presentation and publications
Presented 14 papers at International and National Conferences
Published 19 research papers in various National and International Peer reviewed Journals
this past academic year.

Student Research Journal:
The centre publishes student journals to give the students an opportunity to see their research efforts published. Postgraduate studies are often the students’ first experience with research – be it researching for their numerous assignments and presentations or dissertations and minor research papers or writing for the various journals that they bring out namely

- The Notebook is an annual student research journal edited and contributed to, by the MA students. From the year 2005 onwards

- Dhii is a bi-yearly students’ research journal containing research articles by MBA, MCA and MFA students. From the year 2009 onwards

Student e-journal from the year 2008 onwards: It is the department’s e-journal published electronically and available in the college website.
- Tech- on- tap by the MCA students
- Sageeza by the MBA students
- Seon by M.Com(FA) students
These journals focus on the more current issues in each discipline and cover a varied list of topics with each issue focusing on an emerging topic. Each department has 8 issues for the academic year.

Internships are great opportunities to speak directly to people who have experience; and their knowledge of the job and working environment will give the student a greater understanding of the way an industry works, the challenges it faces, the trends of ever changing technology and the qualities required for survival.

The Summer Internship Programme (SIP) that the students of MBA /M.Com (FA) undertake at the end of their second semester contribute towards their development as professionals and learn to do a research on an area under the guidance of one of the faculty members as well an industry expert. At the end they submit a report and are evaluated on the basis of their report and a viva-voce.

MCA: Classroom teaching combined with the learning experiences of research enables students to take up minor projects and dissertations carried out either in the industry during their internship or independently under the guidance of a competent staff in their chosen field. Research based project Lab as a core subject helps students to implement their findings using research tools such as Matlab / SPSS / Java / .net and others. Carried out internship at research institutes such as NAL and DRDO Centre for AirBorne System, CSIR C-MMACS, ADE (DRDO).

MCA 6th Semester students carry out a research project in the industry and at the end of six months they submit a report and are evaluated on the basis of their report and a viva-voce.

Dissertation: In their second year, the students will have the opportunity to work on a dissertation in an area of their choice, under the guidance of one of the faculty members. These research papers promote critical independent thinking and enable them to engage with areas outside the curriculum. The dissertation aims at familiarizing the students with research as well as acting as a stepping stone to any higher studies in the field that they might wish to undertake. This is with the purpose of introducing them to the world of research especially useful since many of the students opt for higher studies.

The cross culture or X culture project of the MBA department helped establish contact, utilized advanced form of technology, global research books and journals to solve a real problem of a real company where in a team of 7-8 students and maybe one corporate were panned out of the virtual global team. The teams developed a high quality business plan for a multinational company working alongside over 3200 students from 101 universities in over 40 countries. A name worth mention at this point is of Lobbsang Choenyi, a JNC student who emerged as one of the winners in 2014.

These activities introduce the students to independent thinking and act as stepping stones to higher research, giving them the confidence and practice required to take up bigger research like M.Phil. and PHD. All these research oriented activities ensure that the students, who entered the portals of these institutions as amateurs, leave as experts in their subjects, unafraid of independent thinking and pursuit of knowledge.