Extension Services

Our students work in collaboration with a number of organizations such as:

- Asha Foundation For HIV/ Aids patients

- Janagraha Citizens rights and responsibility ward map

- Voices Current issues related to society, media, gender

- REDS Rehabilitation for street children

- Janodaya Awareness, Awakening and Action plan for the liberation of the marginalized and the voiceless.

- YMCA & YWCA Janotsasva, Mock Parliament programmes

- Habitat Project Assisting in constructing of low-cost housing

- KIDWAI, St. John's Hospital, Narayana Hridalaya Visits, blood donation, promoting universal causes like No smoking, No plastics etc.

- Alumni action Plan for the rehabilitation of the children of the lepers at sumanahalli

- Sangraha School for the school drop out in a slum at Ramamurthy Nagar.

- We Care Assisting in the organization of programmes for the slum dwellers.

- Jyoti Seva School for the Helping 10th standard 50 students in their studies.

- Premalaya Home for Rag-Pickers Visiting home for the rag pickers with food and clothing