International Programme

International Conference

A three day conference organized by JNC in August 2008 attracting more than 750 academicians, scholars, and experts in the areas of environment sustainability, social entrepreneurship and film studies, threw a richer experience to the faculty & students through their organizing and participation.

Collaborative research

These programs enhance their research and publication endeavours. These also assist in keeping abreast with best practices in teaching and learning in higher integrated learning.


A research project initiated by the Deakin University of Melbourne, Australia, deals with the "internationalization of curriculum". 2 faculty members from Jyoti Nivas College are taking part in this 7 months collaborative project giving them an opportunity to visit and study the culture of Australia.

An Intensive Study Tour Course in Entrepreneurship, Commerce and motion picture technology and Semester Courses have opened new avenues of exposures for the student and staff exchange programs abroad. These support new challenges such as the implementation of new policies, strategies, exposed culture, values and leadership.

Deakin University