Orientation Day : A general Orientation programme is conducted for the 1st degree students i.e. all students who are admitted for the first time. This Orientation programme includes

- a brief of the history of the college, its vision and mission.
- The facilities available in the college
- Acquainting students with the layout of the college; location of department, laboratories, administrative offices, canteen, etc.

The college handbook is provided to every student in the beginning of the year. The college handbook contains the following information.

- History of the college.
- Vision, Mission, Student prayer, College anthem.
- Extra - curricular and association activities.
- Student Service.
- Student Aid.
- Library information.
- Short term / Diploma course offered.
- Rules and regulation.
- Guidelines for parents and guardians.
- Calendar of events.

- Orientation Day 2017

"The newly elected union is sworn in during the investiture ceremony " - Investiture 2017-18

"The best two girls are selected as the freshie queen and the freshie princess."
- Freshie Queen 2016-17
- Freshie Queen 2017-18

"Independence Day is celebrated every year to indulge the patriotic feeling in our students"
- Independence Day - 2016
- Independence Day - 2017

- Independence Day - 2018

"Teacher's Day celebrations are also an event to look forward to for the students and staff."
- Teacher's Day 2016
- Teacher's Day 2017

"Republic Day & Rajyotsava Day is celebrated every year with cultural extravaganza by the students."

"The student union oragnises a week long interclass cultural fest which provides a welcome break from routine"
- Rhapsody 2016
- Rhapsody 2017

Advent : As part of Christmas celebrations there are weeklong activities such as carol singing and crib making. The college is decorated in the Christmas theme and spirit. JNC students participate in "Kristanamana" a cultural programme of music, dance and drama organized by Prasara Bharati, Doordarshan Kendra, Bangalore.

Food Fest : As a part of Christmas Celebration, we have a food fest every year - "Mistletoe Masala". The amount collected is utilized towards the education of the children of the leprosy patients at Sumanhalli.

El Shaddai : An intercollegiate Christian fest is conducted every year to instill in students a genuine love for their faith and a desire to grow collectively in the Lord. All events and themes are chosen based on the Bible and practical Christianity.

Sphygmus : Annual intercollegiate sports fest, Sphygmus 2017

Scintillation : Annual intercollegiate cultural fest organized by the college union. Students from various colleges across the country participates in various activities organized, ranging from the literary events to the cultural ones,Scintillation 2017

Students Day and Ethnic Day : This day is observed every year to give away subject proficiency and rhapsody prizes. Lunch is also organized for the students by the college, Students Day 2017

Graduation Day : The graduating classes is given a formal yet warm and affectionate send- off every year. Looking stately in their white sarees, the girls witness a ceremony which is sober, dignified, deeply meaningful and spiritual. The girls administer the Pledge and the Benediction is pronounced, Graduation Day 2017

College Day is the occasion where we share our triumphs of the past year, our hopes and our plans with the parents, well wishers and benefactors. A day on which we honour our y oung acheivers, felicitate our silver jubilarians and members of the student union.

College Day 2017

Convocation : Held every year to issue the degree certificates to the students, Convocation 2017