Department of Zoology

Objectives of the Course :

To understand the basis of biological diversity and a greater insight into the evolutionary process. To provide a strong foundation in the concepts of animal structure, function and behaviour. To provide practical skills and knowledge of applied aspects of zoology which can pave the way for self employment opportunities in aquaculture, apiculture, vermiculture etc.

The new combination of Zoology with Biotechnology and Chemistry, intends to give an overview on the basic sciences and the current development in biotechnology. It enables the students to appreciate and understand the chemical mechanisms of life processes. It introduces the importance of conserving the biodiversity for the benefit of mankind

Staff details :

Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Dhanalakshmi M
Associate Professor, HOD
M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Dr. Leena Alexander
Associate Professor
M.Sc., Ph.D. View Profile
Dr. Sitavi Yathiender
Associate Professor
M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. View Profile
Mrs. Geetha Mathew
Assistant Professor
M.Sc, M.Phil. View Profile
Mrs.Vinutha R Bhatta
M.Sc., B.Ed. View Profile
Mr. Kemparaju S
M.Sc, M.Phil, B.Ed., View Profile

Courses offered :

Zoology, Chemistry, Botany (CBZ)
Zoology, Biotechnology, Chemistry (BtCZ)

Zoology Activities :

A host of co-curricular activities are organized every academic year to make learning a beyond the classroom and fun oriented experience. Activities include seminars, workshops, guest lectures, interclass, interdisciplinary and intercollegiate competitions, field trips etc.

The department also organizes a science fest every year, to coincide with the national science day. Some of them are: Mushroom culture and ornamental fish keeping, Building blocks of the Universe - finite to infinite, Workshop for school teachers on practical skills in Life sciences, Project green rescue for wild life conservation, Bioessence - intergrated healthcare.

Short term courses offered :

Hues and Strokes (Course in Painting and Sketching)