Department of Tourism and Travel Management

The Bachelor in Tourism Management study program, the graduates is expected to combine theory with practice and display a sound knowledge of Tourism. Students are equipped with useful tourism knowledge to enter this market and contribute effectively and efficiently to organizations within this field. The Bachelor Tourism Management study program is useful for students are looking for more managerial skills in this field. This course will shape students to become the managers that employees will be looking for.

Career profile
Tourism is an international growth industry with a continually increasing demand for professionalism. Students graduating from the tourism study course have a sturdy basis to face these challenges and are characterized by a high degree of customer-orientation and service commitment. They find positions in expert and leadership functions in local and international travel, leisure, transport, event and sport corporations where they develop and market new products, organize cultural and sporting events or manage whole tourism destinations.

Objectives of the course

The broad objectives of the T.M/ B.A. Courses in Travel & Tourism Management give students the opportunity to enter employment in the Travel & Tourism industry or to progress to vocational qualifications. Provide education for those who are intending to work in Travel & Tourism.

Tourism Management is a 3-year program that prepares students to work in diverse sectors of the travel and tourism industry such as hotel, event management, tour operations, and airline management. It includes courses in management of tourist destination management, geography of tourism, tourism and the environment, tourism and public policy, wildlife tourism, urban tourism and the legal aspects of recreation and tourism etc

The curriculum design prepares the student to adapt to the demands and face the challenges of today's tourism and travel industry . Specialization in History will provide a holistic understanding of historical events, economic activities and sociological concepts. It will be useful in the areas of higher learning and research.

Tourism management is highly specialized disciplines which are designed to prepare students for careers and professions in that area. Therefore, programmers in this area are usually very practical oriented and embody certain areas of business administration.

Name Designation Qualification
Mr. Nikhil Raj K Lecturer, H.O.D. IATA, DHM, M.T.A, M.Phil View Profile
Dr. Anila Thomas Lecturer M.A., PhD, NET View Profile
Mr. Prakasha N.
Lecturer M.T.A., MA (History) View Profile
Mrs. Manisha Seal
Lecturer M.T.A, MBA, M.Phil View Profile

Courses offered
Undergraduate Programme
B.Com Tourism Management
BA HTJ (History, Tourism, Journalism )

Certificate Courses
Tourism Geography, Airline and Ticketing

Tourism Department activities

Conventions, Conferences, Seminars and Workshops - National and State level.

Regular sessions with experts from the academia and industry.

"Gran Torino" Inter-collegiate fest by the students of Tourism and Travel Management is held every year in an effort to motivate the personal, interpersonal and professional skills.

Publishing Students Academic Journal "The Researcher" & Tourism Magazine "Tornare" Every Year.

Inter-disciplinary approach and creative projects.

Participating in tourism exhibitions and fairs like IITM and TTF.

The students of Tourism and Travel Management students are taken for an International Tour once in three year and a national tour in every year.