Department of Statistics

Objectives of the Course :

To understand statistics as an applied science, it is necessary to understand the importance of creating models for a given situation. Hence there is a need for studying the science of statistics. Statistics as a subject has come to acquire a great deal of importance during the past few decades. It is being increasingly used in different areas of human activity biology, medicine, psychology, commerce and management. It provides a scientific approach to decision making.

The combination that the lecturers teach is SECA (Statistics, Economics, Commerce and Accounts) at the PUC level. At the degree level, the combinations are SEM (Statistics, Economics and Maths) and BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application).

The PU students learn an introduction to Statistics, measures of central tendency and dispersion, vital statistics and index numbers. The degree students deal with operations research, sampling theory, and statistical quality control among others.

Staff details :

Name Designation Qualification
Mrs. Latha V
Lecturer, HOD & Controller of Examinations
M.Sc, M.Phil. View Profile