Department of Sociology

Objectives of the Course :

To create and sustain an interest in social science.
To create 'a sensitive citizen who can listen feel and respond with concern'.
To develop the unitary approach to the understanding of the subject.
To introduce the student to a scientific understanding of Indian Social Institution.
To create awareness about social reality.

Staff details :

Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Sr. Lalitha Thomas
Assistant Professor, HOD
M.A, Ph.D
Ms. Fouzia Khanum
Lecturer, Coordinator
Ms. Janavi N.
Lecturer MA., B.Ed, KSET Qualified View Profile
Ms. Salomi Jacob
Lecturer MA. NET (Qualified) View Profile
Dr. Vasudha M.C
Lecturer M A., M Phil., Ph.D View Profile

Courses offered :

History, Economics, Sociology (HECOS)
History, English, Sociology (HENGS)
Psychology, Economics, Sociology (PECOS)
Psychology, English, Sociology (PENGS)

Short term courses offered :

Women's Rights