Department of Psychology

The department of Psychology in Jyoti Nivas College was established in 1967.

From the time of its inception the department has been growing in stature. The comprehensive degree course equips the students for higher studies, research and career. This process is facilitated by well qualified and experienced faculty members. The faculty and student strength has significantly increased over the years.

The psychology laboratory is well equipped with tests for assessment that are standardized in universities both in India and abroad. The Methodology of teaching has evolved incorporating modern teaching aids and continuous assessment keeps the students focused and well informed. The course work involves tests, exams, assignments, projects and paper presentations. Opportunities for students inclined in seeking careers in specific institutions and organizations are provided through internship and outreach programs.

Manasi, the psychology association has been instrumental in tapping the talents of the students by getting them to participate and organize co-curricular events in both the college and inter collegiate level. Faculty and subject experts are frequently invited to share their expertise and experience with the students. The department networks with alumni who have pursued careers in psychology by giving a platform for interaction with them with a hope to inspire students.

Counselling and guidance services are also provided by the faculty to enable students to perform at the optimum level with a positive attitude.

Objectives of the Course :

A student graduating with psychology will be expected to take a paper on Basic psychology, developmental psychology, abnormal psychology, industrial and organizational psychology or social psychology.

Each paper has been offered with a specific objective. Some of the objectives are mentioned below:

ABASIC PSYCHOLOGY helps to understand the significance of psychology as a science and its scope in everyday life. It acquaints the students with the basic processes involved in the functioning of human beings both at the conscious and at the unconscious level and sets the foundation for future specializations in the field of psychology.

DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY aims to study, in a scientific manner, the processes of stability and change across the human life span. The students are oriented to various aspects of development such as physical, perceptual, motor, social and moral development from conception to death. The knowledge gained from this course serves as a good foundation to pursue academic and career opportunities in the field of child guidance, counselling, geriatrics, teaching and research.

BNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY elucidates the clinical picture and course of various maladaptive conditions and psychological disorders. The course material is aimed towards providing a sound foundation for students to pursue careers in clinical practice, counseling, social work, teaching and research.

INDUSTRIAL AND ORGANIZATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY is an optional paper and is offered to students in the fifth semester. The syllabus aims to orient the students to the application of principles of psychology in work situations. The nature of recruitment, training, motivation, consumer behavior and other salient areas in an organizational setup is highlighted. The course equips the student to opt for various careers like teaching, research, psychometric test development, management, consultancy and social work.

SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY is also an optional paper for the fifth semester which explores behavior in its social context, in patterns of interpersonal relationships and group dynamics. The subject facilitates an insight as to how people and situations interact to generate significant thoughts, feelings and actions.

Staff details :

Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Sr. Elizabeth C S
Associate Professor, Principal
M.A., Ph.D.
Dr. Ramaa Raju
Associate Professor, HOD
M.A., Ph.D., Dip in IRPM, View Profile
Ms. Roseline Florence Gomes
M.Sc Clinical Psychology View Profile
Mrs. Christina Joy Victoria
M.Sc., M.Phil View Profile
Mr. B. B.Paul Raj
M.Sc., M.Phil View Profile
Ms. Ayesha Pereira Aurora
M.Sc, PGD View Profile
Ms. Alwina Mary Jaypaul
M.Sc., Counselling Psychology View Profile
Ms. Akeela P
M.A., NET Qualified View Profile
Ms. Vanhmingliani Hnamte

Courses offered :

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Psychology, Economics, Sociology (PECOS)
Psychology, English, Sociology (PENGS)
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) (Vocational)
Communicative English, Optional English, Psychology (CEOEP)

Short term courses offered :

Communication Disorders and Sign Language
Public Mental Health
Managing Learning Disabilities