Department of History

Objectives of the Course:

The broad objectives of the B.A. Course in History are:

- To provide a holistic understanding of historical events, economic activities and sociological concepts. It will be useful in the areas
   of higher learning and research.

- To provide them with opportunities to develop skills needed to pursue a career

- To provide an insight into historical events / places,

- To introduce students to have a broad idea of the main currents of socio-economic, political and cultural history.

- To acquaint the students with the great contributions of the people of Karnataka and its rich heritage invaluable for present and

Name Designation Qualification

Mrs. Nalini Sekaran

Lecturer, HOD
MA., MTM., M.Ed, NET Qualified View Profile

Mrs. Ramya H N

M A., B.Ed., KSET Qualified View Profile

Dr.V Kantharaju

Part-Time Lecturer
MA., Ph D., NET Qualified View Profile

Courses offered:

- History, Economics, Sociology (HECOS)
  History, English, Sociology (HENGS)
  History, Economics, Travel & Tourism (HETT)

Department activities:

- Regular sessions with professionals from the academic spheres and industry.

- Inter-disciplinary approach

- Exhibitions

- Visits to archeological sites and historic places

- Conventions, Seminars and Workshops - State and National level.

- Inter-class competitions.

Short term courses offered :

Significance of Numismatics