Department of Hindi

Objectives of the Course :

The main objective of incorporating Hindi as a subject in the degree course is to create an interest among the students in the language and literature and also to master the art of communication. Hindi is the national language of India so students should be motivated to study this language. This literacy art will establish ethical values in students that will lead them towards the right direction in this materialistic world. As literature is the mirror of our society ,it will reflect the rich diverse culture of our nation. Inclusion of grammar will enable students to perfect in their writing skills, which is in the long run will help them in their career.

Staff details :

Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Ella Sen, Dean (Languages) HOD, IQAC Coordinator, B.Voc Coordinator M.A, Ph.D
Lt. H. K. Roopa Rani Lecturer M.A View Profile
Mrs. R. Venkata Hima Part-time Lecturer M.A

Courses offered :

Hindi is offered as a part of languages