Department of French

Objectives of the Course :

With the aim of teaching French, more emphasis is laid on conversation and dialogues rather than on literature alone.

The method chosen "SYNCHRONIE" consists of 13 lessons and each lesson presents notions of grammar and vocabulary and ends with tests on linguistic acquisitions and activities which respond to the needs of communication.

In addition to this, SYNCHRONIE offers documents which aim at initiating the learners to another world, another culture and at familiarizing them with the authentic use of the French language through these written documents and images. It also offers essay topics and websites which can be visited by the learners and the teacher.

The activities and grammatical exercises help in making the learners capable of authentic communication. This method is inclusive of a CD which consists of pronunciation, dialogues & texts and photographs.

Staff details :

Name Designation Qualification
Mr. Sanjivy Raja
Lecturer, HOD
M.A. French View Profile

Courses offered :

French is offered as a part of languages.