Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry

The department comprises of professionals with high academic qualification and aptitude for teaching and keen interest in overall development of students.

The staff follow a multidimensional approach towards academic excellence by inspiring students to participate in various extracurricular activities and at the same time sharpen their teaching skills by attending workshops, refresher courses, seminar and involving in research work etc.

Objectives of the Course :

- To create interest in chemistry among the students.
- To make students familiar with the evolutionary growth of chemistry related to the topic.
- To encourage scientific thinking among the students through laboratory sessions.
- To develop logical and reasoning skills among the students.
- To inculcate the habit of self-learning among the students.
- To encourage students to maintain a scientific temperament in life.
- To motivate greater numbers of students to take up post graduate studies and research.
- To expose students to opportunities for self employment.

Staff details :

Name Designation Qualification
Dr. Grace S Thomas
Associate Professor, HOD (Chemistry), Dean of Physical Sciences
Ph.D., M.Phil., M.Sc. View Profile
Dr. Anita Khera
Associate Professor, Deputy Dean of Physical Science, M.Sc. Coordinator
M.Sc., Ph.D. View Profile
Dr. Nirmala Vaz
Associate Professor, HOD (Bio Chemistry)
M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Ev., M.Phil., Ph.D. View Profile
Dr. Preeti Mangala
M.Sc., B.Ed., Ph.D. View Profile
Mrs. Arnet Maria Antony
Dr. D.Sophia
Lecturer in Biochemistry
M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D View Profile
Mrs. Ramalakshmi S
M.Sc., M.Phil View Profile
Mr. Mikhail Rajaram.K
M.Sc., NET View Profile
Mrs. Mary Arpana
Lecturer in Biochemistry
M.Sc., M.Phil View Profile
Dr. T S Perundevi
M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D View Profile
Dr. A Karthika
M.Sc.,Ph.D View Profile
Dr. Sakshi Kabra Malpani
PhD, CSIR-UGC NET (JRF) View Profile
Dr. Sonanki Keshri
PhD View Profile

Courses offered :

Under Graduate Course

Chemistry, Botany, Zoology (CBZ)
Biotechnology, Botany/Zoology, Chemistry (BtBC and BtCZ)
Biotechnology, Chemistry, Genetics (BtCG)
Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Genetics (BtBG)
Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics (PCM)

Post Graduate Course
M.Sc. Chemistry (Organic)

Short term courses offered :

Nutrition & Dietetics (100 hrs)
Medical Laboratory Technology (100 hrs)

Chemistry & Biochemistry activities :

The staff conduct seminars, experiments along with teaching to give a better insight into the subject. They also use charts, models, OHP and power point presentation as teaching aids. The students are involved in project work and seminars. They are evaluated by giving assignments, periodic tests, models making and poster presentations.

Department organises lectures and demonstrations on the recent developments in chemistry by inviting eminent scientists from institutes of higher learning such as Indian Institute of Science, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Studies, Raman Institute, National Referral Centre for Lead Poisoning in India (NRCLPI), St. John's National Academy of Health Sciences and other research organisations. Students are encouraged to participate in workshops, lectures, exhibitions and minor research projects conducted by these organisations.

Industrial visits to chemical manufacturing units are organized every year. Visit to research laboratories like Kalpakkam at Chennai, Central Food and Technology Research Institute, Mysore, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, BHEL, Bangalore, Mandya Sugar factory and R & D departments of various industries to motivate them to take up higher studies and pursue research in chemistry.

The staff members of the department are guiding M. Phil. and Ph.D. candidates. Staff involved in research work have published research papers in various reputed journals and attended National and International conferences and presented papers. Some of the staff have been carrying out major and minor research projects awarded by University Grants Commission.

Students are encouraged to take part in the interclass activities thereby providing an opportunity to bring out their talent and the knowledge of the subject. The CHEMISTRY ASSOCIATION organises inter class and inter collegiate competitions like lecture, essay writing on current topics, quiz, crossword, poster presentation, model making etc. under the banner "Spatika". The final year students are encouraged to participate in essay writing competition conducted by the Royal Society of Chemistry, London.

Students have been awarded research project on "Lead contamination theme" by Quality Council of India (QCI) in collaboration with National Referral Centre for Lead Poisoning in India (NRCLPI).

The department gives Hands on Training programmes in soap making and water treatment. A training programme in Soap Making is given every year to the students.

A training programme on Water testing and treatment is conducted by Aquadiagnostics Water Research & Technology Centre Ltd. (AWRTCL) Bangalore.

Short Term Courses offered

Department of Chemistry
1.Medical Lab Technician Course In Collaboration With St. John's Medical College and Hospital
2. Nutrition and Diet
3. Forensic