Credit Based System & Grading

The quality of higher education is measured in terms of its relevance, growth dynamism, innovation, application & competitiveness. JNC is introducing Credit Based System and grading this year to enable the students to

1. To ensure development of a sense of responsibility & involvement

2. To provide an opportunity to earn extra credit

3. To be high achievers

4. To provide scope for credit transfer in national & international studies

5. To earn extra credits through the extension programmes that are integral part of our academic structure

6. The credits are offered for academic programs of the college.

Compulsory credits for subjects - value education

- Indian Constitution
- Environmental Science
- Life Skill for Personality Development
- Basic Computer Applications

1. Additional credits are offered for
2. Short - term courses
3. Extension & Community outreach programs
4. Co-Curricular and extracurricular activities
5. Sports