Best Practices

Student's Welfare

Welfare schemes include various scholarships, book-bank, mid-day meal scheme, counseling, health care and Value Education.

Mentor Ward

Every teacher is a Mentor for a group of students. The Mentor keeps track of the academic progress and acts as Counselor when necessary.

Value Education

Values are instilled in students in the Value Education classes held weekly.

Career Guidance

Experts from various fields give talks, and aptitude tests exposing them to various career options.

Placement Cell

The Placement Officer on campus ensures that all students get opportunities to be placed in good, selective companies.

Research And Faculty Improvement Programme

The faculty are encouraged to undertake Research, attend seminars/workshops and provided with journals, leave and some financial help if needed.

Effective Class Room Teaching

Audio -Visual aids (the overhead projection, LCD etc) make teaching effective.


Orientation workshops are held at the beginning of the academic year for students, teaching staff and administrative staff to equip them in the teaching/learning process.

Helping Hand Counseling Service

A professional counselor on Campus, provides counseling and guidance to students.

Social Services

Community reach out programmes such as providing care for rag-pickers, lepers, and slum-dwellers help students to be aware of their social responsibilities.

Clubs & Associations

The students union conducts extra-curricular and co-curricular activities. Associations and clubs for dance, drama, craft, cooking, karate etc. help in all round development of students.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association meets annually on October 2nd and plans activities for the year. Prizes/Scholarships have been donated by the Alumni. The Alumni also organize talks and basket ball matches.

Publications of Students

These publications being out the students' creative potential and provides experience with the print and electronic media.

Student Friendly Ambience

Students of Jyoti Nivas are made to feel comfortable and at ease on campus, through the facilities like the canteen, the bank, telephone booths etc. and the cool ambience of beautiful gardens.

Student Evaluation Of Teaching Staff

Students objectively evaluate the staff through confidential questionnaires which help teachers to improve.

Promotion Of Indian Tradition And Culture

In an increasingly westernized world, Jyoti Nivas upholds Indian tradition, culture and values by promoting Indian Dance and music, observing Ethnic Day and by celebrating Various Indian and National festivals.

Short Term Courses

Short term courses on Campus add skills to our students giving them a competitive edge.

Sports Promotion

Partcipatioin games & athletics at state and national level provide all-round development.

Women cell

The women cell "Jyoti Mahila Samiti" has been established in order to protect women staff and students associated with the college from all sorts of injustice or sexual harassment of any nature directly and indirectly.

Anti ragging squad

Members of the Discipline committee are on constant vigilance in the campus for any conduct or incident which causes or is likely to cause annoyance, hardship or psychological harm or to raise fear or apprehension thereof in a fresher or a junior student.